Italy 607 Tour: Restaurant List

The Italy 607 Tour was born after a longstanding argument over which restaurant in the area serves the best Italian cuisine. Now I’m well aware that different areas of Italy boast different types of Italian food. This makes it particularly hard to judge Italian American food, because you have no idea which part of Italy they’re getting their inspiration from. From what I gathered while living abroad, the red or pomodoro sauce is only popular in southern parts of Italy, as well as the red pizza sauce. This threw me for quite a loop while shopping at the Standa, my local Florence grocery store. There were no red sauces to be found. Puzzled, I picked up a can of mashed up tomatoes, and after attempting to create my own sauce with it (a major disaster), decided it was not for me. This is when I developed my taste for olive oil, and from that night forward cooked Barilla pasta, smothered in only the finest olive oil from the Standa, along with fresh tomatoes (they taste so good outside of America!), and fresh grated garlic. It was basically the only meal I made all semester, with the exception of prosciutto sandwiches and the occasional frozen pizza which I had to make in a frying pan on the stove top because our apartment didn’t come with an oven…

I digress.

Everyone upstate boasts about Binghamton’s Italian places, and we sure do have a lot of them! I remember reading the comments section underneath a news article about Binghamton being one of the most obese cities, and a rogue commenter stated, “I would be obese if I got to eat Consol’s every night too! Binghamton has the best Italian food!” This intrigued me. While it of course comes as a backhanded compliment to our underdog city, at least its something besides the famed spiedie that we can be proud of. And so Italy 607 Tour is born.

I developed a scoring system and a nifty little card that I actually printed on real cardstock. So legit! Here it is:

Italy 607

So I will be visiting the following 15 restaurants in no particular order to score their famed cuisine and posting my results on this blog, as well as on Foursquare and Yelp! I encourage you to follow me on this journey, share your opinions and experiences, or even mimic the tour yourselves and let me know how YOU rated the restaurants.

1) Grande’s Bella Cucina
2) Little Venice Restaurant
3) Cortese Restaurant
4) Michelangelo’s Pizzeria and Restaurant
5) Cacciatore’s
6) Tony’s Italian Grill
7) Nirchi’s on the Ave
8) Consol Family Kitchen
9) Oaks Inn
10) Nick’s Pizza and Restaurant
11) Mama Giuseppa’s
12) Frank’s Italian Restaurant
13) Donoli’s Restuarant
14) Aiello’s Ristorante
15) Antonio’s Galleria and Cafe



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