Summer Fun: Sliderz Patio


There is absolutely nothing I love more on a nice summer night than sitting out on the patio and having a cold beer. Last night was the absolute perfect night to do this. A couple of friends and I went out to Sliderz on the Vestal Parkway because they have great bar food, a huge selection of bottled beer, and one of the best patios in town. I only wish it had a better view…

I ordered the buffalo chicken quesadilla and it was great. So much flavor, kind of greasy, but definitely hit the spot. My friends got the chicken nachos (if you’ve never been to Sliderz to order these, you absolutely have to!) They are massive. My other friend ordered a half dozen wings (their garlic and Thai peanut wings are sooo good!), and we all split them. Pictured below is the buffalo chicken salad, which was basically a dozen boneless wings on top of lettuce. Good stuff!


I tried the Sam Adams Cherry Wheat as my first beer and I loved it! I have only recently gotten into Sam Adams because my mom bought the party pack from Sam’s Club, but this flavor was delicious. Then I switched to Wild Black. If you’ve never tried Wild Blue, Wild Black, or Wild Red before then you need to go the Weis in Vestal immediately and get yourself a Mix and Match Six Pack and try them. I swear it’s the best fruit infused beer around, and it has 8% alcohol as compared to the usual 5% in regular beer.

All in all it was a great night! Shout out to the waitress working there because she was a good sport. She had the whole bar and the patio to take care of and did it efficiently and gracefully. Get it girl!




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2 responses to “Summer Fun: Sliderz Patio

  1. Steph Hurban

    Hi Stacey I just wanted to say thankyou for such a nicely written article about Sliderz …. All the employees read it and really appreciate the wonderful review. It’s always great to hear feedback from guests! See ya soon for a cherry wheat or wild blue, thanks again! -steph ( your bartender that night 😊)

    • Oh you’re so welcome! I had a great time that night and you were great! I just wanted to spread the word. I’m glad you all enjoyed the article!! See ya soon for sure.

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