Chenango River Theatre: Fully Divided

Chenango River Theatre

 I recently found out about the Chenango River Theatre while researching events for this blog. I stumbled upon a link to the theatre via Bingspot, and was immediately intrigued by the synopsis for the show Fully Divided. By the time I had discovered their website, there was only a few shows left. I promptly made plans to see it that very Sunday at 2:00pm.

Greene is such a cute little town, not far from Binghamton. I was nervous about getting there, so I typed in the address in my GPS. From where I lived, I pretty much just followed Front Street to Kattelville Road and hit Route 12. So easy! The trip takes about 20-25 minutes from downtown. To top it all off, it was a gorgeous day to be driving, and I had a good time absorbing all the beautiful scenery on the way there.

The theatre is out in the open and easy to find, and parking is located in a private lot. The show cost around $20 per person, and I also bought a raffle ticket ($5) to win that cute blue Scion pictured above. All proceeds go back to the theatre, so I figured why not? Fingers crossed til the raffle on December 31st.

When reading the synopsis originally, I guess I overlooked the part where only one actor played all 40 or so parts. When I grabbed my playbook and realized, I admit I was a little skeptical. How could one person play all of those different parts? I was nervous this was going to be an awful experience.

After settling into my seat (there really isn’t a bad seat in the house!), the play got started. I was immediately drawn in. This one actor really had all the energy of forty different people! After a while, you barely even realized that it was just one guy! He developed each character fully using only his voice and gestures. The show was about 75 minutes, and it was fantastic! I really liked that it was an off-beat, contemporary play that I could relate to. I mean, who hasn’t worked in the restaurant business? You could literally taste the stress of the character’s work environment, and I found myself really rooting for poor, disheveled, taken-advantage-of Sam.

If you have a chance to check out the Chenango River Theatre, then definitely do it! Their next show is Ring of Fire: Featuring the Music of Johnny Cash, and after that is The Outgoing Tide. For more information on upcoming shows, check out their 2013 schedule here.




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2 responses to “Chenango River Theatre: Fully Divided

  1. Thanks for the kind words Stacey. It’s always hard to get audiences to a one man show, but this one was a big hit for us.

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