Have You Been to Hallo Berlin?


Okay seriously, I have no idea why it has taken me this long to go to Hallo Berlin. This restaurant is located in Conklin, at 55 Corbettsville Road and has the best, most authentic German food and beer I have ever tasted on this side of the Atlantic. They only have one other location, on 10th Ave in New York City, as well as a food truck, but the founders of the restaurant have won numerous awards for their food. In 2006 they won the Vendy Award for the #1 Food Stand in New York City. Now that’s impressive! How cool is it that their only other location is in Conklin? So if you love German beer and food (or are adventurous and willing to try!), then this is your next destination.


They have a beer garden at the back of the building for nice days, which is absolutely perfect this time of year. You can order beer in a multitude of sizes. I, of course, opted for the liter — which comes inside of a boot. The Hefeweizen variety that I tried was crisp and delicious. I highly recommend it to other Hefeweizen fans!


I also ordered the Triple B Berliner Brat-Burger which was smothered in sauerkraut and served on the most delicious bun. Oh, and it had dill pickles on it. It was absolutely scrumptious…and it was only $5! I also tried the German noodles, which are basically buttery egg noodles but oh so good.  I need to go back here and try something else off of their menu, (potato pancakes? German pretzel? decisions!). This restaurant gave me serious nostalgia for my time spent in Germany at Oktoberfest. I plan to go back in the fall on a nice warm Sunday and have lunch with another boot.


The hours are a little tricky. Hallo Berlin is closed on Mondays, and open 4-9 pm during the rest of the week. Saturdays and Sundays they are open from noon to 9. The staff was super friendly and a ton of fun. They were really accommodating to our large group, even though some of us came in near to closing time and ordered a full boot.

Again, I can’t recommend this experience enough! Go, go, go!



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