Spiedie Fest and Balloon Rally 2013


If there is one event that Binghamton is known for, it’s Speidie Fest. But, I have to be honest here. This was my first time attending Spiedie Fest in probably 15 years (I’m only 25 years old, so you do the math!). I remember going to see the balloons lift off, and riding the bus from BCC over to Otsiningo Park when I was a little girl, but that was pretty much all I remembered. So this year I wanted a clean slate. I wanted to go into one of Binghamton’s biggest traditions with an open mind.

Upon entering the park, I told my Speidie Fest comrade that it was my first time to Speidie Fest in over a decade, so I didn’t know what to expect, and in true #Bingproblems fashion she replied,”Well…I hope you’re not too disappointed!”


But who could be disappointed with a park full of fried foods? And speidies?

While I did not partake in the fried dough, funnel cake, cheese fries, burritos, tacos, gyros, cheeseburgers, pickles and you name it, I DID inquire about Wild Bill’s Olde Fashion Soda Pop, because who can pass up some fountain soda pop when it looks like its coming out of an authentic barrel and is served to you in a tin?

Well, apparently this girl can! Who the hell pays ten bucks for a diet root beer? You got to be out of your mind Wild Bill. I ain’t gettin’ swindled by that nonsense! After asking about the price I slinked off after a sly, “Oh I’ll be back later…” Ahem. Yeah right. Not when Mickey D’s has diet coke for $1 any size. #budget

Shout out to the ReBath duck! Also, shout out to that other duck that was there on Saturday! #whatcompanywasthat?


Was anybody else as freaked out by this creepy clown balloon as I? It just kind of leered down at everyone on Friday during “night glow” like it was gonna all of a sudden jump to life and start eating people up out of the crowd below. I mean, Elvis looks kind of possessed standing there too. I do give these balloon owners props for creativity though! They looked neat when they finally lifted off on Saturday night.


There were some awesome local craftspeople showcasing their merchandise in the tents! I was pretty stoked that the jellyfish-in-glass people from Julyfest showed back up at Speidie Fest! What a novel idea.

“Hey, I have this great idea for a business!”

“What is it?”

“I’m going to put jellyfish in glass and sell them at local fairs.”


But seriously. They are pretty cool, and they looked sweet lit up under their tent on Friday night.

I also loved the cat fabric in the soft goods tent. I purchased the $4 kitten mitten for the microwave on impulse, although I WAS eyeing the kitty pillows pretty hard. #selfcontrol

Anyway, I had a great time at Speidie Fest and Balloon Rally 2013. I got to hear Night Ranger, watched Leann Rimes, hugged the Rebath duck, ate a chocolate covered frozen banana, and bought a kitten mitten. It was a gorgeous weekend and I’m really glad that the City of Binghamton has been able to continue this wonderful Southern Tier tradition.



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