Favorite Places: Confluence Park and the River Walk


(Susan Joblon Mosaic piece in downtown Binghamton, on the River Walk.)

One thing that Binghamton definitely has going for it is it’s parks, and Confluence Park and the River Walk is one of my absolute favorites! The River Walk is a roughly 2 mile path that starts at Binghamton’s Confluence Park (the walking bridge), and ends behind the Kmart plaza on the North side. It loops through downtown Binghamton and follows the Chenango River the entire way.

ConfluencePark(Confluence Park/The Walking Bridge)


(Bridge over the Chenango, overlooking downtown Binghamton.)

If you’re looking for a fun outdoor fitness activity, meet your friends at Confluence Park and walk the River Walk together. You can see a lot of water foul including geese, ducks, and gulls, and during the summer there are a lot of bunnies along the trail as well. The beginning of the trail has a variety of historical markers where you can read about actual events that happened in Binghamton throughout history, and you can even see the site of the Binghamton Clothing Company fire.


Personally, I’m excited for the day when shops and restaurants will move into the empty storefronts aligning the river behind Boscov’s. It’s an amazing location that is absolutely gorgeous, perfectly accessible by public transportation and for the many businesspeople who work downtown. Coffee shop with outdoor seating along the river? Patio space for a sports bar? Fashion boutique with exciting window display (maybe MINE one day!)…these would all be perfect businesses for this space and will add character and value to downtown.

So what would you like to see occupying this retail space? Anybody know of any businesses that are already planning on locating down there? Who else is as excited as I am? Tweet me @hey_stacey_kay or leave a comment below!



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