Italy 607 Tour: Consol Family Kitchen


Consol’s has been a staple of this community since it opened over sixty years ago in 1946. The original restaurant opened in Endicott, where it remains today in the “Little Italy” district. In 2011, the family expanded their business into Vestal, opening a second location near Binghamton University off Bunn Hill Road in Vestal. They specialize in serving made-to-order, authentic Italian dishes in a casual atmosphere. And if your family is from the Triple Cities area like mine is, you undoubtedly have heard about Consol’s pizza. It is an integral part of the ever raging Italian food debate.

I had been to Consol’s a few times before, but admittedly had never been very impressed. When a friend of mine suggested that this was because of what I was ordering, I decided to take his advice and order some of their famous dishes. For this stop on the Italy 607 Tour, we checked out the Endicott location.

Here is what I thought of it: (from

“Consols was the second stop in our Italy 607 Tour. We were in a party of 11 and were seated once everyone had arrived with no issue. The place was busy but not as bad as it could have been on a Saturday night. The bartender was super friendly and helpful and suggested food as well as drink specials. That was nice! Our server “Rachel” was incredible considering our group size. Very good service from her! To start, I recommend everyone try one of their grilled pizzas! We had the Margherita and it was fantastic. Bread served is plain with butter, nothing too exciting, but at least it’s something. For my entrée I got the chicken Sophia which I’ve heard is one of their best. It was sooo good! They do a great garlic cream sauce! Highly recommend. Their red sauce is pretty solid, kinda plain, but thick enough to still be good. We got their homemade chocolate cake to go and it was moist and delicious. Consols is great if you order the right items, but not everything is perfection. I’ve had cold-ish lasagna before and I’m not impressed with their wine selection because they offer things like Sutter Home, but at least at a reasonable price. If you check this place out, stick to the menu items that are recommended and you won’t be disappointed!”
All in all, this restaurant scored a 72 out of 100 for me. Yes, the meal I had was pretty amazing, but I couldn’t shake the fact that the two times I had tried it before I wasnt impressed. For example, I arrived late on a Sunday night once and was disappointed to find that the inside of my lasagna was still cold. But for the sake of the Tour, I had to push all of these past experiences out of the way so I could be objective. The grilled pizza was f*cking fantastic though. I give them that.
So what do YOU all think of Consol Family Kitchen? Do you prefer the Endicott or the Vestal location? What is your favorite Consol’s dish? Let me know in the comments section below! And don’t forget, you can vote on YOUR favorite Italian restaurant in the tour by hitting up my VOTE tab.

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