Day Two Recap: No-Sugar Low-Carb Diet

IMG_1144Day Two Meals:

Breakfast: plain nonfat Greek yogurt and black coffee

Lunch: leftover Cauliflower and Ham Au Gratin Casserole (recipe here!)

Snack: Jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese and pimento olives and cashews

Dinner: scrambled Egg Beaters and onions, peppers, mushrooms and reduced fat Mexican blend cheese

The sugar cravings were definitely stronger on Day Two. It was tough trying to study for my exam at work while battling thoughts of eating candy and that general feeling of anxiety when you really, really want something and can’t have it. I had low energy after work, but forced myself to go to the gym for cardio and weight training.

I tried drinking pomegranate seltzer water to fight off the cravings. It helped a little bit. I dozed off around 10:00pm, and my first dream was about chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I legitimately dreamed about chocolate chip cookies. I could pretty much taste them in my dream, they were warm and came right out of the oven. In my dream, I could eat as many of these as I wanted without gaining weight.

I think it says something about how addictive a substance is when you have a DREAM about it in its absence. This is very surprising to me. I wouldn’t consider myself to have a big sweet tooth. My craving items are usually salt and vinegar chips, french fries, cheeseburgers, etc.

Result After Day 2: -3 lbs



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