Racism Caught on Tape at Dillinger’s Celtic Pub and Eatery

Have you seen this video yet? The captions do a pretty good job explaining what is going on, and while we can’t see what caused this young man to be ejected from the bar, what follows next is absolutely, unequivocally wrong. The (owner?) (bouncer?) (employee?) shouts racial slurs at the man in question, telling him to “get his guns” because “we’ll be ready.”

Hold up, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATtttttttttttttttttttttttttt???!!!!

Are you f*cking kidding me?


After the whole thing blows up on social media, Dillinger’s tries to issue a half-ass apology on Facebook. Which, in fact, wasn’t an apology at all. It’s actually just an excuse for this disgusting behavior. Also, I would like to point out that their use of “people” in the context of violence, and use of “the majority” in the context of community seems a little racist as well. Just sayin’. Replace the words “people” with “black people” and replace “the majority” with “white people” and you have how Dillinger’s REALLY feels.

Now racism is nothing new in Binghamton, especially on State Street, where posted “dress codes” are meant to keep the “undesirables” out. But who are you really targetting by forbidding hats, t-shirts, and sneakers? I see white people wearing sneakers and t-shirts there all the time. In fact, I don’t have any straight male friends who wear anything OTHER than sneakers when they go to Dillinger’s. The rule is racist, no doubt about it. It’s enforced as a rule only when the bouncer thinks its necessary to keep a black person out. Plain and simple. It’s discriminatory, disgusting, and wrong.

And for those of you who don’t believe that…think…really think….

Dillingers meme

Why don’t you just post a dress code that says “Only white people past this point. Otherwise we’re going to keep a close watch on you and at first opportunity we’re going to throw you out on to the street and into the back of a police car.” That would be more truthful. Especially when you’re employing people who have no reservation using the n-word.

So when I tried to call them out on their Facebook post…as many others did…my comment was deleted. Oh, and so were all of the black people’s comments. (My comment is not below, this is just a sample of what others were saying. Mine had already been deleted at this point.)


Surprising? No.

Disgusting? Yes

Acceptable? Absolutely fucking not.

Racism is EVERYBODY’s responsibility. So don’t think that because you’re white that it doesn’t affect you. It does. When something like this happens, it is EVERYBODY’s responsibility to stand up and say “This isn’t right!”


As for Dillinger’s, their half-ass apology/explanation and subsequent deletion of contradictory comments is evidence of their racism enough. I’m done with them.

Tweet me @hey_Stacey_kay with hashtag #boycottDills #boycottracism with your thoughts.

If you’ve witnessed or experienced discriminatory or racist behavior at Dillinger’s, please share your story in the comments section below, where it WON’T be deleted. Every time someone Googles “Dillinger’s” this will be there for them to see. The more people that come forward, the harder it will be for them to ignore. I know many of you have already shared your experiences on Facebook, but not everyone can see that due to privacy settings. We need to hit them where it hurts.





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23 responses to “Racism Caught on Tape at Dillinger’s Celtic Pub and Eatery

  1. Greg Musselman

    I commented on that Dillingers post very early on. I felt like it was respectful, saying that while there may have been good reason to deny the man in the video entry to the bar, that there was no excuse for the racist comments, if in fact the comments were made by staff (in the video it’s somewhat hard to tell who is saying what). But I also asked IF it were a staff member that said these things, did that person still have their job, and I said unequivocally that they should not. My post was deleted within minutes and my ability to comment further was revoked. I’ve always liked Dillingers. It was my favorite bar. I went there frequently. Over the last several years, I’ve spent probably thousands of dollars there. After not only the incident on video, but Dillingers’ terrible handling (or refusal of any handling) of the situation, I will never set foot in the establishment again for as long as it remains under its current ownership. And virtually everyone I know says the same.

    • Oh I agree. The fact that certain people’s opinions (including my own) about the statement on FB (that were not disrespectful, by any means) were deleted was evidence to me that the person in question is in fact being protected by the ownership. I can’t say if it was the owner himself as the video claims, but their handling of this was absolutely terrible and makes it appear as though they are tolerant of racism. But I am proud to see so many people in this community standing up against these racist actions. Silence only serves to make the racists stronger. We need to send a clear message that this is not tolerated.

  2. Greg Musselman

    It’s sad. I would have liked for them to make some kind of sincere attempt to make things right so I could continue to go there. Now I need a new bar.

  3. To Dillingers (as I posted on their Facebook page, but I’m sure, like all of you, my post will be deleted, so I will copy it here):
    I’ve experienced your discrimination and racism, not first hand, thankfully, but many times when I was living in Binghamton. Tom and Marty’s and the Rat and 90% of the cops on State Street aren’t too far off though in that respect. Maybe you can all meet up for anti-discrimination lesson one day. So sad too… you were my favorite bar in Binghamton (even with all the other nonsense I saw happening, as I mentioned already)… This has gone too far.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. If you know anyone else who has experienced this discrimination firsthand, please encourage them to post here about their experience. The more people that speak out about this, the harder it will be for them to ignore. You’re right, this has gone too far.

  4. It would appear that they have pulled their official FB page. The links to FB from their website do not go to an active page.

  5. This is extremely sad and being married to a black man and having bi-racial children, I have experienced racism first hand all to well. This community has always been a racist community for as long as I remember and have not seen any real progress in eliminating discrimination.
    We still get looks and stares being a inter-racial couple and my children have been the butt of racist jokes in school. But if the community does not wake up and see that there is still a problem with discrimination, it will only get worst.

    • I agree with you Brandy and my heart goes out to your children because they shouldn’t have to suffer that. I think the fact that this incident sparked such controversy is a good indication that we are at the VERY beginning of a change in this community, but we have a LONG way to go. I hope that the children who have learned racism from their families can grow up and realize the error of their ways and correct themselves before they pass it on to their children, because I think that’s really the only way to eradicate the problem completely. I do have hope that with the internet and access to information about modern racism that people who may have been confused about how the system oppresses different groups can be enlightened. Lastly, we need a change in who controls the media and how minorities are portrayed there. It is a multi-dimensional problem, and I can’t imagine what it feels like to have to explain racism to your own children. That is heartbreaking. But we can all help by taking small steps here and there to educate those who may be unaware or unwilling to admit that they are racist, and by standing up when we have an opportunity like this one and saying,”This isn’t right and we won’t stand for it!” Whether or not Dillinger’s suffers from this crime is somewhat irrelevant (although many are wishing they will), because it has started what will become a very important dialogue in our community, and that gives me hope.

  6. Brandy Jackson

    This is sad!!!
    As for me being married to a black man and having bi-racial kids I have seen racism all to well first hand.
    we get the usual looks and stares like we are aliens or doing soemthing wrong,My kids have been the butt of racist jokes at school.
    The community has been racist since i could remember and I have not seen any real progress in discrimnation and if things dont change it will just get worst!

  7. Anonymous Randy Jack

    To be fair, I wouldn’t let LL Cool J into my establishment based upon the grounds that the dude needs to moisturize or get some chapstick in his business or something because dude is constantly licking his goddamned lips.

    No, but for real though, they still haven’t issued any sort of statement and they’ve thrown their page back up on fb. Stop Racism In Binghamton is organizing protest/boycott-like stuff, and I for one am glad that the word is getting out.

    • Me too!! Keep me posted if you hear of any demonstrations or anything. I’m planning a little “what is racism?” post for this blog coming up in the future because it was a little embarrassing reading all the comments from ppl who simple don’t get it. The “crusade” isn’t over…


    I was personally discriminated against at Dillinger’s. My Friends and I decided to go to Dillinger’s for the first time a couple of years ago. When we got to the door 2 of my friends entered while I was stopped. I was told that they do not allow hooded sweatshirts. (that’s all it was a zip up hoodie). So we left, as i was leaving however i spotted several white kids leaving the bar wearing hooded sweatshirts. I immediately in my gut FELT this was discrimination because of the color of my skin, but i had no proof, and still wasn’t fully convinced.

    So my friend and I decided to test my theory out. I then took off my 3xl hoodie and gave it to my white friend, who is half my size. The hoodie was over sized and didnt look good at all, he preceded to the door and once again was let in with no problems, yes WITH THE SAME EXACT HOODED SWEATSHIRT! We all just shook our heads and took our business elsewhere. I thought about making a scene but just shrugged it off. Seeing this video im glad i didn’t, i probably would’ve been dragged out with racial obscenities being hurled at me…

    Dillinger’s is a private establishment an di feel they should be able to allow who ever they want, however they need to inform the public of their veiws. African Americans need to know what bars they can visit and what ones they cant. Standing in teh cold waiting just to be told you cant come in because i dont like YOUR hoodie is embarrassing. There is no need for Blacks to be embarrassed infront of a crowd of racist white people. Dillinger’s needs to stop with the Facebook posts and teh halfhearted apologizes and say what they really mean, “NO MINORITIES PERIOD” that’s fine at least Binghamton patrons will know who they are supporting when they go there, and especially minorities will know to STAY AWAY AT ALL COST!

    • Omg thank you so much for sharing your story here. I am really appalled that this happened but not at all surprised, as this confirms my suspicion that their “dress code” is merely employed on a case by case basis to keep out whichever minorities the bouncer so chooses. I’m really glad that you took it a step further and proved your point. I totally agree with you that Dillingers should just be outright about their racist views, but since they refuse to be, I am trying to do it for them. Thank you for sharing your story on here, and PLeASe if you know anyone else who has a personal experience, encourage them to post it here. This needs to be out there for all to see. My goal is to make this post as prominent on google search as the bar’s own website. Thanks again and spread the word, and I’m so sorry that this happened to you.

      • Thank you! For drawing Attention to this issue. I always regretted not speaking up about my experience after this happened to me at Dillinger’s, its about time people start paying attention. The fact that I cant walk into any bar i want being a African American in 2013 is Appalling, so again thank you very much for giving others and myself an outlet to share our stories.

  9. Jibron

    I remember one time I tried to go there in my overalls, I looked nice and had a collared shirt and everything, and they told me even if I changed out of them, I still wouldnt be allowed in. So much for giving them the benefit of the doubt… Racism is alive and well.

    • That’s really messed up! So sorry that happened to you. Thank you for sharing your story here, and please encourage others to do the same. I know somehow this will make a difference, just have to find the way.

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  11. Following up on this, I noticed Dillinger’s has not only restated their Facebook page, but actually addressed this issue and formally apologized for it, going as far as to remove signage that could be interpreted as racist. While this could have been avoided in the first place, it’s good to see them making amends.

    The Post:

  12. Heidi

    Visited Binghamton for first time. Saw Dillingers and was excited about going there. Googled them for menu but then came accross story about what racist assholes are there. They should be hung in the town square….its 2014! And hopefully the business goes O-U-T ….. Shame on you!!! Karma is a bitch and you will get YOURS.

  13. Loren

    The complete racist discrimination that I had to witness with my boyfriend was so awful and just complete and utter disgust to me. They were letting everyone in but because he showed up to the door being black wearing a hat I guess that means …”we can’t let you in”…unacceptable! There is really no dress code! It’s a way to discriminate against the people that don’t “look ” the way you want them too! Girls ass, thongs ,boobs can stick out all night bUT that doesn’t matter to them! Dillengers need to have some respect for the human race and not discriminate against one type! It’s all or nothing at all! I’m so infuriated by this and the fact I can’t just enjoy an evening with my boyfriend because of the person that he is! Open your fucking eyes to the world around you….it is not just a white world …..and so you know the majority of mass killers are white so think just a little…

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