Deposit Octoberfest


It’s really been an incredible fall here in Binghamton. The weather has been gorgeous. It’s been sunny and warm and the trees are still holding on to their leaves.  It won’t last too much longer, so I really wanted to take advantage of some of the seasonal events that this area had to offer. Deposit was holding its annual Octoberfest this Sunday, so I thought it would be a nice little drive to go out there and check it out. I’d actually never been to “downtown” Deposit before, only to Oquaga Lake and the Chestnut Inn.

IMG_1207You can’t have any kind of street festival without fried dough and fresh squeezed lemonade, and a lot of people were enjoying that. It smelled great, but I’m on this pesky no-sugar low-carb diet so it was completely out of the question. There were also a lot of groups selling pies – these looked amazing as well and if it weren’t for my diet I definitely would have purchased some.

IMG_1209What I really loved was seeing all the different store windows painted for the season. Here are two examples, but it seemed like every little shop on Front Street had some kind of scene depicted. It was really cute. I was also really struck by the vintage feel of the town itself. They have an old-style pharmacy or “apothecary” as they call it, and an old movie theatre. There are also a couple of fun looking restaurants along the strip as well.

IMG_1210After we bought an obscene amount of apples, we decided to walk around and check out the town. There are a lot of old houses with interesting architecture, much like downtown Windsor or the West Side in Binghamton. I think a lot of the town would make for an interesting photo journalism exhibit, and wish that I was better at using my NIKON DSLR so that I could do it myself. It reminded me a lot of an exhibit that I saw at the Museum of Modern Art last weekend, which was basically a commentary on American life through the decades. A lot of the “old-time, small American town” feel is preserved in Deposit, and I love it.

*I’m totally getting an idea for a photo journalism piece featuring a collage of photos from all of the small towns in this area. Maybe this will be my next project.


After wandering Deposit for a few minutes, we stumbled into this place: Cranes of New York. You would never know from inside of this place that you’re in Deposit, New York because it is swanky! Unfortunately we couldn’t really partake in any of the sampling of the foods or drinks that they had available, except for their coffee (which is imported from Costa Rica!), but this place definitely caught my eye and I think I will be back after this diet is over to do a full dinner review! If you’re near Deposit or Windsor and want to check out a cool, new place then go here and let me know how you like it. The waitress said they just opened in June.

IMG_1213To round out our visit, we hiked up the hill to this wicked old graveyard. It had a lot of graves from the 1800’s, and we walked around discussing what life must have been like back then in Deposit. Some of the monuments were so old that the rain had weathered away the writing, so you couldn’t even tell who was buried there, but it was a humbling experience to think that some of the people there had been dead for over one hundred years. That’s what I love about the small towns around here; there is so much history. What’s even better is that a lot of the same families have stuck around, and undoubtedly some of these people’s ancestors probably still live in Deposit.

What’s your favorite local Octoberfest? Anything coming up that I should check out? Let me know in the comments section or chat me up on Twitter: @hey_stacey_kay



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