Mad Moose Madness


I wanted to celebrate the completion of my week without sugar, so last night I invited a bunch of friends out to Mad Moose BBQ. I actually hadn’t been to this place in a few months, the last time probably being after the Parlor City 5K. I guess I have a habit of using this restaurant to negate all of my healthy activities. Nonetheless, I had a $20 gift certificate that I had won for joining Southern Tier Young Professionals, and it was high time I used it.

I’ve heard people give this place mixed reviews, but I have honestly never had a bad meal or a bad experience here and last night was no exception. If you’ve never been, you have to try one of their Wood Fire Pizzas which they make in a big wood oven on site. They come in awesome varieties; pictured above is the BBQ with BBQ Apple Sauce, Maple Bacon, Pulled Pork and Monterey Cheese and the Shrimp with Ricotta/Roasted Garlic, Mozzarella, Asiago, Shrimp, Devil Sauce (?), and Baby Spinach. They were both absolutely delicious.

I also sampled the Maize Fritters, which I’d never had but heard rave reviews of. They come with a chipotle sour cream dipping sauce. I like them (I think it’s kind of hard not to like something that’s deep fried) but I probably wouldn’t order them again. I actually prefer their egg roll appetizer, and I’d like to try their Sassy Shrimp sometime too. *If you’ve never seen their menu, click here. Another thing that I LOVE about this restuarant is their craft beer selection. They always have a lot of beer that I’ve NEVER tried before, and they write it on a cute little chalkboard displayed as you walk into the dining area. Last night I tried their Weihenstephan, and it was delicious. I highly recommend it. It has a little bit of a honey/apple taste to it. *Oh, and don’t even get me started on their Moonshine Mixers – these drinks are delicious. I can vouch for the Blackberry and Apple Cinnamon. Try them!


One thing I’ve never tried is their ice cream, but last night it had been decided that we were going “all out” so naturally it was imperative to order dessert. They have an awesome selection of unique ice creams, with a lot of tasty fillings inside. We decided to go for the Smores and the Coconut flavor. I loved both of them, although I am a little partial to the Smores because it had an incredible gooey marshmallow filling inside. Divine! The Coconut flavor had dark chocolate shaving mixed in, and it was also delicious. I’m glad my partner-in-crime picked that one because it was honestly my second choice.

So thank you to Mad Moose BBQ for making our evening so enjoyable! I’ve never had a bad server experience there, but the waitresses who were working last night were awesome! I’m sure we were a little obnoxious considering our group size and the fact that we had to split our bill like 8 bazillion ways, but they were patient and very friendly with us. Our server went back and forth countless times because members of our group arrived at different intervals. She also let us sample a bunch of different beer so we would know which one to order, and she even gave her personalized recommendation on which ice cream to order. So big shout out to her: you were awesome! Thanks!

If you’ve never been to Mad Moose, I recommend checking it out! It’s definitely a unique experience in Binghamton. It has a fun atmosphere without being too “rowdy”; you could definitely bring your kids here during the day for a meal. The inside and outside of the restaurant are nicely decorated. They even have a stuffed giraffe and grizzly bear inside. You can’t miss it because the place is literally tiled with what looks like cow hide. There is lots of metered parking outside, and a parking ramp right next door.staceysig


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