Stop-DWI Returning Warrior 5 and 10 Miler

Warrior Run

This is me looking lovely after finishing my 5 mile run…

On Saturday, Broome County hosted the 2013 Stop-DWI Returning Warrior 10 Miler at Otsiningo Park. In addition to the 10 mile race, they also host a 5 Miler simultaneously for less experienced runners. The course basically takes you the entire length of Otsiningo Park and the River Trail, which ends up behind Kost Plaza (?) on Front Street.

I’ve only ever officially run a 5K before, which happened to be the Parlor City 5K that takes place during Julyfest. I remember my time wasn’t great for that, but it was a huge accomplishment for me since before that I had only ever run a full 3 miles without stopping 1 time when I was like 16 years old and training for the soccer team. It was also hot. July is very hot. Afterwards we hit up the downtown venues and ate and drank until we had undid all the health benefits of running the actual race. Good times. 🙂

Since then I’ve come a long way. For starters, I’ve lost 22 lbs. It’s a LOT easier to run long distances when you’re not carrying around extra weight. I also actually enjoy running now. So much so that I have invested in nearly 300 dollars worth of UnderArmour so that I can run outside during the winter. My ultimate goal is running the Half Marathon Bridge Run in May! So far I have been able to run 7 miles without stopping, so I’m well on my way.

Anyways, I finished 77th out of 148 at the Returning Warrior 5-Miler! (Not that I really care what my place is, I’m obviously only competing to finish at this point!) I actually enjoyed the trail at Otsiningo Park. It’s a nice scenic pathway and it wasn’t too crowded. I used to go there to run after work before it started getting dark before 5pm.


I ran into some neighbors that I grew up with at the race! (My face is ridiculously red in this picture.)

My next race is going to be the Binghamton Santa Run; a 5K race that loops through downtown Binghamton. The fun part about this race is that everyone who registers before December 6th gets a T-shirt and a Santa hat to run the race in. Runners are encouraged to dress up like their favorite Christmas character (Santa, Mrs. Claus, reindeer, elves, etc). I’m excited to see what everyone dresses up as for the race. It should be a lot of fun. JOIN ME!!!!

For more information on local runs, check out the Triple Cities Runners Club Race Calendar.




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5 responses to “Stop-DWI Returning Warrior 5 and 10 Miler

  1. I’ve registered for the Santa Run myself and also “It’s a Wonderful Run” 5K in Seneca Falls on 12/14. Nice to hear your story. I love to run myself, come join our club if you haven’t already. Great group of runners that TCRC.


  2. Oh man – I want to do this – but I still have a lot of weight to lose before I can… 😦
    Can’t wait to see you a pic of you in a Santa hat during the Binghamton Santa Run!!! Now THAT is going to be fun to see everybody getting into the spirit of things 🙂

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