#FoodFireBBQ Soft Opening Party: New Restaurant in Binghamton

Top: Pulled Pork Entree with Mustard Cole Slaw and Mac & Cheese; Bottom: Gator Tacos and Smokebombs

Top: Pulled Pork Entree with Mustard Cole Slaw and Mac & Cheese; Bottom: Gator Tacos and Smokebombs

On Saturday night, I had the pleasure of attending the Soft Opening Party for Food Fire BBQ which is opening up in the old Christie’s Grill location across the mall in Johnson City. I’ve been following this account on Twitter @FoodFireBBQ for quite a while so I was super psyched to get the invite to the party. I got to bring a guest so I invited one of my girl friends to come along with me. I knew I would be stuffing my face with lots of food and beer so I ran 7 miles that day in preparation for the calorie overload. It was well worth the exertion.

First of all, this place has one of the most extensive beer lists in the area (that I know of). With 40 different craft beers on draft (some local too!), there is a beer for literally everyone. We sampled the chocolate and creme brulee stout to start, and then settled on the Horseheads Hot Jala Heim. This was by far the best beer I’ve tasted, possibly ever. It was light with just the right amount of spicy jalapeno flavor. When you go to Food Fire BBQ, you must sample this.

Left: Hot Jala Heim Right: Chimay

Left: Hot Jala Heim Right: Chimay

There was a special menu for the soft opening, with a good variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. We decided to go crazy and ordered all four of the appetizers listed to start, and then split an entree of pulled pork. We got the mustard cole slaw and mac and cheese for our sides. The waitress brought corn bread out to our table, and a bottle of each of their signature sauces. We tried each of them separately and settled on our faves. Mine was the Sweet Carolina Mustard. It is amazing and I could slather just about anything in it (and I did!).

I love a good sauce.

I love a good sauce.

So my appetizer favorites were: 1) Chicken wings dipped in Sweet Carolina Mustard 2) Sweet Potato Fries with Marshmallow Dip 3) Jalapeno Smokebombs (Bacon wrapped jalapenos!) 4) Gator Tacos with Guac …. but seriously they were all amazing. If you’re having trouble picking just one though, I would go for the Smokebombs because they are so unique and were really tasty. The wings were good but in a standard “good wings” kind of way, and the sweet potato fries stand out to me because of the marshmallow sauce.

Now I can’t say I’ve had much experience with BBQ, but the pulled pork was juicy and fantastic. The mac and cheese gets an A+++ from me and was definitely my favorite side. They had a lot of sides to choose from but we ultimately went with the slaw because it was a healthier option and we were already getting our fill of bacon-wrapped everything (haha!).

By the time dessert rolled around there was only two kinds left, so we ordered them both. The chocolate mousse cookie crumble thing was incredible.

Top Left: Wings & Fries Top Right: Dessert Bottom: Corn Bread

Top Left: Wings & Fries Top Right: Dessert
Bottom: Corn Bread

So anyways… Food Fire BBQ opens offically TODAY! They are open RIGHT NOW for lunch so go check them out!! I think this restaurant is definitely a keeper here in the Southern Tier. The beer list is expansive, the food is delicious, and it is unique enough to the area that it should get pretty good business. I will definitely be back for a beer sampler and another round of apps!



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  1. Hope to see you soon and i will eat a lot on this one. Thanks for this review.

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