Countdown to Masquerade: The Making of the Mask

Image courtesy of Bingspot

Image courtesy of Bingspot

Who else is going to the masquerade at Roberson this year?? I went last year ^^^ as you can see, and it was a blast! I love events where you get to dress up, and I went all out; traveled to Syracuse to buy a new dress, made a feathery mask to match it, and had a great time! I definitely did not want to miss out on the best party of the year, so I bought my tickets early. Good thing I did because they are already sold out!

I love this event because there is so much to do! All the different rooms of Roberson have a different theme to them, and they have two bar areas so neither one gets too crowded. I loved the tarot card readings and the dance floor upstairs. Another thing that gets me really excited about this event is how “into it” everybody gets. I remember being really impressed with some of the other dresses and masks in the crowds.


I’m making my own mask to match my dress again this year. I decided to do an “ice queen” theme because my dress is a cool blue floor length gown. I got all my supplies at AC Moore in the bead and home decor section. The spiral things are supposed to be decor, same with the silver leaves. I used the leftover leaves to make a brooch that I will wear on my dress.


First step was to add the glitter and let it dry overnight.


Next step was to use a hot glue gun to add all the pretty rhinestones and beads that I bought.


Here’s the finished product!


Here’s what it looks like on, but I will probably wear it across my forehead like I did last year because the eye holes are way too uncomfortable.

Who else is excited for Roberson’s Masquerade in the Mansion?!? Anybody else going to be there? Tweet me @hey_stacey_kay

** Hopefully I can get some good pictures of my complete outfit and of the actual event to do a big post on it for the New Year!



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  1. Oh my word – this is awesome! You are so creative… can’t wait to see the whole outfit…. 🙂

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