Behind the Blog

IMG_0573Myself (Stacey Kay). Enjoying a Red Bull and Vodka (or two), after the Parlor City 5K.

Hi! I’m Stacey Kay. The creator/owner/author of this blog.

Born and raised in the Greater Binghamton area, I couldn’t wait to graduate high school and get the heck out of here! I tried going as far away as I could (California), but my parents said they wouldn’t help me move out there. So I took my second choice — Ohio.

I know, I know. Ohio is a far cry from California, but I inadvertently fell in love with Kent State University, and since they had a top three fashion program, I decided to attend college there. I took advantage of every opportunity that was offered there, and ended up studying abroad in Europe and Hong Kong, as well as doing a stint in New York City for my fashion internship.

After graduating college, I settled in the Cleveland area for about two years – working in marketing and store management as well as building my own fashion social media brand – “Goodwill Huntingg”.  I absolutely loved the blogging community there and have met a lot of wonderful people through social media.

In 2012, I moved back to my hometown of Binghamton, NY. Hence the name “The Binghamton Blog”. I wanted to use this blog as a way to promote local places, people, restaurants, and events. I started exercising and eating healthily, and fell in love with cooking & creating recipes. I also took up running and participated in a few races around town.

Fast forward to 2014: I’ve just accepted a position in the fashion industry in Houston, TX and will be moving there to start my new life! I’m going to be sharing bits of my adventure on here so that my friends & family back home can stay connected.

This is my journey.


7 responses to “Behind the Blog

  1. Hello Stacey and thank you for stopping by, liking and following my blog. You make the fourth person I know in Binghamton with a blog. I think you have a great idea in promoting Binghamton, and you could probably do it fashionably. Binghamton is a very nice place to live and find things to do. I grew up here in JC and decided to stay. I live in Binghamton’s Southside now with my lovely wife Maria and my three boys while finding my own niche in the blogging community. So, it’s good to have you aboard and I plan on following your endeavors as well. Thanks again, Michael 🙂

    • Hi Michael! Its great to *e-meet* you and I’m excited to have found your blog as well. You have beautiful nature shots on your site and I love the ones of downtown too! I would love to add your blog to my “links” tab as another Binghamton based blog, if you wouldn’t mind! I did a search today on WordPress for the keyword “Binghamton” and only found a few bloggers…it is a far cry from the vibrant blogging community that I came from in Cleveland, but I’m excited to get started again here and think it will be a worthwhile endeavor. I would love to e-meet the other Binghamton bloggers that you know, if you wouldn’t mind sharing their links! I need some more locals to follow!! Anyway, if there’s anything I can do for you, you know how to find me!

  2. What a cool idea, Stacey! Even though I don’t live in Binghamton, I look forward to following you on your journey. And I KNOW one day you’ll have your fashion boutique 🙂

  3. bryan

    Hey there
    Glad to see appreciation for Bingo!
    I just stumbled across your blog and was hoping you would like to get the name of my business out there to your friends and some locals in the area.
    Natural Expressions landscape and tree
    Shaping up Broome county one yatd at a time!
    Keep blogging!

  4. Hello Stacey, I’m a native of Binghamton and grew up in the Triple Cities. I left many years ago but travel back to visit my family. I’m writing to you to ask if you are up to my challenge. Before I get into what I want your blog to take on I will tell you a story that I think will interest you. You see before were born Binghamton was a much different place. It was a city that had class and a place where one could raise a family in safety and with hard work gain the virtues most people want. But not anymore. From a distance I have seen the City decline at the hands of bad if not corrupt politicians, from the mayor on down and its horrible to see a City like Bingo fall to the greed of these people. You should ask yourself, would you walk down Court St. at 3am on a Friday alone. I think not. But one day not to long ago, you could. You see these politician’s that ran the City are all gone, they sold out the City and the people and are now sitting on a beach in Florida or in a million dollar home in Arizona counting their money. They are not living off of Hawley St or in Johnson City. They sold out the City to NYC money and this is the main reason the City is the decadent place it is. If I was half the person I once was I would take a flame thrower to the Mayors office, but then I’m not that person anymore.

    My challenge to you is to use your blog to open a discussion based on taking the City back from the corrupt officials, the drug dealers, the creeps that call themselves the City Council and put in place good people like yourself. Hey don’t get me wrong, your blog is cool and all. But talking about the latest spiedie sauce or a party at some mansion is nothing compared to a fight that takes the City back.

    You may ask why don’t I do it. My answer is, I am. You use the internet and social media because thats your generation and I use other means to get things done.

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